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New York Songwriter's Circle, The Bitter End
September 9th, 7pm
The Duplex NYC, May 20th, 7pm
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1), June 6 7pm
The Miracle Theater Miami FL, June 11-12, 8pm
Krogh's Pub Sparta, NJ, September 9th 5:30pm

"Melissa is a tasteful songwriter who knows how to tell more with less. Her songs are stories, like chapters in a book about a journey called life." -ArtistRack

"Melissa has a voice reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, her tenor flare is a lovely balance with the eclectic mix and balanced production in this track. The song has a very mature sound, nice production and even pacing within the rhythm and percussive elements." -Independent Music

"The Melissa June Band is a music project with a truly exciting dualism defining their sound. These city musicians might be surrounded by skyscrapers in their NYC home base, but their sound looks out at the wide-open American country landscapes, musically and spiritually." - ArtistRack


"The rousing MJB is a little rock and a little country, with heart tugging lyrics" - Inspired Word NYC 2019


"Starting off with the calming sound of the violin that illuminates the background and adding in the fast pace strum on the acoustic guitar as the vocals begin to seep through. The vocal ranges are incredible and the high notes are hit perfectly, nothing is out of the tune and it all combines together in such an impressive way." -Anrfactory, 2020  


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